The Historic Saltire Society
The Historic Saltire Society is an organisation dedicated to two things. The first is Living History and the second is Fun! From humble beginnings in Inverness, the group now has members from all over the country, and travel the length and breadth of Scotland to various venues to perform for our audiences. The society has many members, ranging from noble Knights and their Ladies, their squires and Ladies in Waiting who help put on their armour and kirtles and their enlisted peasants who end up doing most of the fighting and work! As well as the nobles, we also have guilds of craftspeople, showing early Scots medieval life through representing the Living History side of things.
Come along and see us at any of our shows that we’re performing in 2014:

24th/25th May – Stirling Castle’s Road to Bannockburn

28th/29th June – Bannockburn

5th/6th July – Linlithgow palace Jousting extravaganza

12th/13th July – Dunfermline’s Bruce Festival

19th/20th July – Aberdour and Sir Thomas Randolph

26th/27th July – Clan Munro and the battle of Bannockburn

9th/10th August – Fort George Celebration of the Centuries

23rd/24th August – Aberdeen’s Bon Accord festival